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Session: simple
Push: 0x094A1ef2F50F36956a90E410Ffc143362340865c
Signal: +855 68 504 905
Follow: Nostr

You can subscribe and comment on content using Nostr browser extensions such as Flamingo or an Ethereum wallet. This is free and requires no gas fees.

To comment, simply connect your Nostr browser extension, MetaMask, or Rabby using the button in the bottom right corner labeled “Connect”.

To subscribe via Nostr add our public key to your client: npub14slk4lshtylkrqg9z0dvng09gn58h88frvnax7uga3v0h25szj4qzjt5d6

While as for Ethereum via web browser, add our channel with MetaMask using this link:

Or to subscribe via Ethereum on mobile, add our wallet to the push app:

You can find more information on this here:

Never sign Ethereum messages you didn’t approve or understand. Huge thanks to DegenRocket! This website’s comments functionality is programmed by DegenRocket, which is op>